Safest Way to Smoke Weed

2020-06-19 By Siem Seed

safe way to smoke weed

Legalization efforts on the use of recreational and medical marijuana are on the rise. Likewise, food and beverages that contain marijuana continue to increase. If you live in an area where weed is legal, you need to learn the different kinds, their effects, and how to use them responsibly.

Most marijuana users still smoke it, which makes them inhale a hot mixture of chemicals, including some known carcinogens and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana.

Research on marijuana today has produced no concrete conclusions regarding the certain health risks of smoking the drug. This lack of consensus says that marijuana can cure or cause cancer, or may not have any effect at all. However, by burning the weed, smokers lose much of its potency and put their pulmonary health in danger.


Marijuana users have most likely encountered a vaporizer before. It is a handheld device that is increasing in popularity in the US and all over the world when it comes to smoking weed.

According to a study, there is nearly no exposure to dangerous combustion materials using a vaporizer. The study shows an alternative way that provides the same effects to patients and also allows controlled dosing without inhaling toxic materials in smoke.

A vaporizer is definitely a lighter, less difficult method of smoking weed. The best thing about it is that in terms of functionality, vaporizing is not that different from the traditional pipe bowl that is lit with fire. If you are looking for something portable, you can simply use a vaporizer and puff from time to time without the heavy, harmful burning smoke that old-style smoking produces.

Vaporization Process

Instead of burning weed to create smoke, the vaporizer would heat the weed to an optimal temperature of about 338 degrees F, just over the threshold upon which inhalable vapors are emitted. This produces less heat than traditional smoking. Therefore, it draws THC out of marijuana (whether in plant, wax, or oil form) without really burning it. Because of this, vaporizing offers a much smoother experience.

Although the science behind vaporization is quite early and unclear, there is a possibility that if you are consuming vapor rather than smoke, your breathing may feel much better when you are engaged in exhausting activities like hitting the gym.

Vaporizing is an interesting option to smoking weed. As vaporizers become more popular, there are lots of different types that you can choose from.

Make sure you have safe herbs

You should also make an effort to ensure your cannabis is flushed and clean. There are only two ways to ensure this, either find a very trusted medicinal outlet or obtain a growers permit and start growing your own using good cannabis seeds.

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