The rise of Fast-Growing Cannabis Seeds

2020-06-19 By Siem Seed

fast cannabis seeds

Fast-Growing Cannabis Seeds

The development of fast-growing cannabis or auto-flowering cannabis seeds has brought about a radical revolution to the world of cannabis cultivation. Despite the growing rate of positive attention and reviews, some cannabis growers still feel a bit reluctant about it, and they have always been showing signs of entirely refraining from using the seeds. The reason for this isn’t farfetched. The fact cannot be denied that they’ve been ignorant about the numerous benefits that come along with auto-flowering or fast-growing cannabis seeds.

What are fast-growing or auto-flowering cannabis seeds? This can be described as a strain of cannabis sativa that switches from the vegetative stage and automatically transforms into the flowering phase. Typically, fast-growing cannabis strains do not require consistent lighting to get to the flowering phase, unlike other strains. That sounds impressive, right? In this article, we’ll be taking you through a few of the top benefits of fast-growing cannabis seeds. Let’s get started:

Fast-Growing Cannabis Promotes Early Harvesting

Usually, the seeds of fast-growing or auto-flowering cannabis seeds have a shorter lifecycle compared to other strains. While fast-growing cannabis seeds take approximately 8-10 weeks after germination to harvesting, many of the other photoperiodic cannabis strains can take up to four months before they can be harvested. This is a great advantage, specifically if you are a commercial cannabis grower. This is because you’ll get to reopen faster, and you can also enjoy the benefits of the fruits of these buds. The earlier harvest rate of auto-flowering cannabis seeds applies to both indoor and outdoor cultivations.

However, you should be aware that auto-flowering strains grown indoors take far less time before harvest. If you are skeptical of the kind of sativa strain you should plant, you should consider purchasing a fast flowering cannabis seed like this and enjoy the fast growth. No matter what type strain you are after, you can buy all types of cheap cannabis seeds through Sticky Seeds.

Fast and Seamless Growth

Fast-growing cannabis seeds boast of some Ruderlis genetics, which makes it easier and hassle-free to grow them. Generally, you are not required to be an expert cannabis grower before you can venture into fast-growing cannabis seed plantation. If you are a starter, you shouldn’t worry about light changes. This implies that you do not need an artificial light before you can keep your lighting schedules intact. That said, fast-growing seeds boast of resilience and tolerance, especially in colder climates. So, you shouldn’t worry at all as you would have more time to relax during the winter.

fast flowering seeds

Get to Harvest Anytime of the Year

Apart from the inherent fast growth rate and sooner reap, auto-flowering buds allow you to enjoy the benefits of harvesting at any time of the year. Harvesting fast-growing cannabis seed doesn’t have any specific season, which implies that you would never go dry at any point in time. Naturally, these seeds are not dependent on light cycles to start flowering, meaning that they’ll be present round the clock. So, you can enjoy multiple harvests.

This is an excellent feature that makes fast-growing cannabis seeds stand out, unlike other sativa strains that you require fitting all your products to one specific season or two at most. With fast-growing cannabis seeds, you do not need to worry unnecessarily about seasonal changes or light cycle management.

There you have it! Perhaps the top benefits of fast-growing or auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Choosing fast-growing cannabis seeds means that you’ll enjoy fast growth, less hassle, fewer resources, early harvest time, and so forth.

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