Marijuana with High CBD Levels

2020-08-10 By Siem Seed

Dear reader, today I am going to tell you which are the most fashionable cannabis plants among medical cannabis users . This year has consolidated its therapeutic use in terms of more noticeable demand than in previous years, so we have a larger supply from the main seed producers.

Banks create strains with increasingly high CBD content , all of them have the particularity of having a higher or similar proportion to THC, in this post you will know examples of strains with ratios between THC and CBD up to 1:25 . But before I get to the point, I’d like to give you an overview of some of the properties of this cannabinoid.


The cannabidiol (CBD) is present in the cannabis plant, it has been scientifically proven that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory , providing great benefits to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer patients, thanks to its power ” inhibit and reduce the growth of blood vessels surrounding cancerous tumors

Advances in CBD have been spectacular in recent years, as it also helps treat conditions such as epilepsy by minimizing seizures , it also stimulates some patients in depression and anxiety disorders as well as being a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory to fight pain and reduce vomiting and nausea.

And now, yes, I leave you with a selection of the 20 most commonly used cannabis strains for medicinal purposes.

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