Choosing the Best Size: Is a Larger Bong Bowl Better?

2020-10-19 By Siem Seed

Bong bowls come in 3 basic sizes – small, medium and large. Which bowl is better to use – the larger or the smaller one?

First, let’s get to know more about bong bowls. The size of the bowl, and the bong, will affect the quality of the smoke.

The size of bong bowls to use is determined by the fitting. Bong fittings are basically either a male or a female. Bongs with male fittings will require a female bowl and vice versa. The size of the fitting should match the size of the bowl.

As previously mentioned, there are 3 basic size categories. However, people shopping for bong bowls may encounter actual numbers that indicate size. Numbers corresponding to small, medium and large vary. The general consensus is that a small bong bowl is typically 10 mm, a medium one is 14 mm and a large one is 19 mm. You can take these measurements from the bottom of the bowl, not at the expanded end where you can place the weed.

A small bowl may also be one with 9.9mm micro joint. A medium-sized bowl, on the other hand, may have 14.4 or 14.5 mm measurement with a standard joint. Large bong bowls can be 18.8 mm with a large joint.

Again, the question is, “Which is better, a larger bowl or a smaller bowl?

The first that you have to consider is the size of the bong and its fittings. These two should match to have good smoke. Next, consider the different effects of the bowl sizes on the overall bong experience.

Pros and cons of larger bong bowls

Using a larger bowl means that you can place more weeds in it. This results to the production of more smoke. A larger bowl can be a good thing when sharing a bong with a few other people. Repacking is not as often as when using a smaller bowl. It can be quite a distracting chore to keep repacking in the midst of a pleasurable bong experience.

Cons of larger bong bowls

One of the disadvantages of having a larger bowl is that the quality of smoke changes while going through it. The last few smokes will start to taste a bit off, somewhat ashy. Some report that the intensity of the smoke is less once it gets to the bottom of the bowl. That claim is a subjective one, though.


For whatever reason, a larger bowl can be more advantageous mainly because repacking is reduced. Other than that, any bowl size will do, depending on individual preferences.

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