How Do Cannabis Seed Affiliate Programs Work

2020-10-19 By Siem Seed

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A quick intro to cannabis seeds

Currently, you can see that cannabis seed affiliate programs are helping many individuals to earn some extra money and this industry is trying to reform the society that brings prospects to every individual.  Your position in this market starts with a seed and helps you reach the position where you want to be.  The people who risked their lives to bring this industry to this position are true heroes.  They strived to bring back the incredible emulation, to collect, sustain, and shared it with the entire world their best genetics available today.

The contributions of Mr. Franco Loja in developing cannabis strains must be remembered here today because it shows his passion for cannabis. Unfortunately, this great human passed away in 2017.

Cannabis breeders take many years of testing to alleviate genetic qualities. They spend hours together to pollinate carefully hundreds of plants, tasting buds, harvesting seeds, and comparing results, to get the exact smell, color, or to get valued unique high.

This pollinating process takes a lot of time, commitment, and proper tools.  Seeds may get spoiled even if you use exclusive freezers.  The top concern of the breeder is to maintain a genomic line alive. Even if he takes one wrong step, he might lose a phenotype forever.


Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Program:

Cannabis Affiliate Program is a procedure where a webmaster steers visitors to an online store. They direct them by using banners and buttons placed on their websites.  When visitors visit their websites, and when they press these banners and buttons immediately they will be transferred to the online store. Whenever visitors click on the banner or buttons, the webmaster receives a commission through the affiliate program. Just by a click on the banners or use the buttons to visit by visitors when they are on their website can help the merchant earn a lot of money. The merchant can also receive a commission when the visitors make a purchase or receive their service in the online store.  These affiliate programs help you earn online easily when you can able to steer your visitors to the cannabis affiliate network.


How does this cannabis affiliate program work?

The cannabis seed affiliate program works as follows:

  • A visitor or user can click on the banner or button on the merchant’s website
  • Once the visitor click on the button or banner, the website will direct them to the cannabis online store. The visitor’s IP address will be saved in a special cookie and a log placed in their browser that tracks their activities and purchases in the store.
  • The users continue to browse the website and may buy cannabis seeds.
  • If the visitors buy the cannabis, then the store will credit their purchase to the merchant who directed the visitors to their online store.
  • Once the purchase is done by the visitor, then the order will be shipped to them.
  • The webmaster gets a commission for the sale.


You can find several cannabis seed affiliate programs like this on the internet. But, make sure to find the legitimate affiliate program that helps you get commission and safe for your visitors to direct to their affiliate program.

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